Anyone Can Build a Website. Few Can Build a Website That Converts.

At Clixanomics, we build websites that convert.



Our websites are data-driven; we use the expertise of Conversion Rate Optimization and UX experts to monetize your site in a way that will beat your competition while still having a website that is beautifully designed and easy to navigate.

The bottom line is your website is your storefront on the worldwide web. You need a website design that’s easy for customers to come in, browse, and walk out with products or services.

The truth is a newly built website is just an idea – the idea being that people will come to the site and buy your products or service. The reality is you’re taking a shot in the dark, but there is a difference between complete guesswork and taking an educated attempt.

What’s the difference? Simple – with Clixanomics, we use our years of experience with building revenue-generating sites and apply that to your company. Instead of hoping for the best, we shoot an educated arrow at an elusive target – and we hardly ever miss.

With Clixanomics, your website will:

  • Attract customers
  • Generate revenue
  • Increase conversions
  • Monetize site visits
  • Create opportunities for repeat business
  • Enhance ROI

Remember, when you spend money on a new website, you’re spending it on a concept, our job is turning that concept into revenue. Each page on your site will perform two specific functions: make it easy for users to accomplish a specific task and make the next step intuitive, subtle, and easy to follow.


Our Website Sell Themselves!

We design websites based on creating a BLUEPRINT for your business goals like, how a piece of coal forms into a lustrous diamond. your website will meet your needs and consist of vigilant planning and structure to assure you get positive results to outshine your competitors.

Each website we design is constructed by using the most advanced internet marketing strategies available today.

You Set The Objective We’ll Achieve Results

Why don’t most websites yield anticipated results? It’s because they’re constructed like this.

  1. Designers and business owners believe that their idea of building a website is accurate. In reality, it’s NOT!
  2. Designers make a decision on your website based on their know-how, and not on what you essentially NEED!

If you’re ready to escape the frustration, disappointment and struggle your web developer has caused you, it is time to get insight on what works best and is being done right now.

Don’t settle for an ordinary website that has many flaws and extremely limited value.

We Create The X – FACTOR For You

Clixanomics is an exceptional web consulting agency. Designer implements what the client wants or believes they need.  In reality, they miss the mark. Bottom line, it’s the difference of dealing with constant struggle. disappointment with little to no results.

We give you what you need, and what works for you. We’ll decide this based on evidence, not opinion or taste.

We root out essential items and focus on a solution to archive maximum results.

User Experience Design

If you want to create and design your own website based on what you think you know, we are not the company for you. Take the X – factor challenge and outshine your competitors.

A great website is the hallmark of a great business. Don’t get left behind! Visit https://clixanomics.com today and begin your site’s journey to being a profit center!