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Why Search Engine Optimization Is Important?


Even though there have been major changes in the digital landscape in recent years, there is no doubt that search engine optimization is still a very important part of marketing online. Search engine optimization, however, does not limit itself to ranking high in Google, but now overrides most areas of Internet marketing. Things like social media, user-friendliness, conversion, mobile interaction, and more are now an integral part of an SEO campaign. Search engine optimization, in itself, works exceptionally well, but in order to get maximum results, a more holistic approach is required. One hand must always know what the other is doing.


Let’s review some of the many points that speak for SEO:


Miami SEO gives you access to huge amounts of data to evaluate and measure marketing campaigns and customer behavior. How do customers find you, and what keywords? Which products have the biggest or greater potential, and which keywords are easier to optimize for? Who is the customer and where does this come from? Customer data is extremely valuable, and with search engine optimization, there is just about any of that product available. With software like Google Analytics, you can see and understand what the customer is doing on your site, what is required for an end, and especially how your site can be improved.



Search engine optimization works because it’s there just when customers are actually looking for your products/services, making it a much more effective strategy than an outbound (or interruptive) marketing method such as cold calling. Studies have shown that leads generated by SEO actually cost 61% less than those generated through cold calling.


With SEO, you are open to business 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Advertising is short-term and basically only impact as long as a campaign is alive. However, SEO is far more long-term, and although search engine placements cannot be permanent, they often have a much longer lifespan.


The relationship between SEO and Social Media is mutually beneficial. It’s more likely that your Tweets, posts, and updates get retweets on Twitter or Likes on Facebook if you have a site with high exposure in search engines. Likewise, it is also more likely that the shared material will lead to new in liners and customers.


Inbound leads help you, much easier, even though they are spread across a large geographic area, reach potential customers at a lower cost than traditional marketing.


Digital Landscape

It is estimated that 60% of the click goes to the first result in Google for a specific niche, and the second to the million result generates only 40% of the click for the same keyword. Here it becomes clear how important it is to get well into Google’s results.


For search engine optimization, costs are lower than search advertising, and unlike the latter, suddenly, your traffic does not end if you use SEO. With SEO, you put a long-term base sheet, which you then continuously maintain, and which provides free traffic source.


Ranking your website higher for relevant keywords means this, right done, not just more traffic but above all more finish.


SEO is incredibly important for brand building and credibility. Visitors often put greater trust in those companies that rank high in the results than those who have paid ads, or no online presence at all. Las Vegas SEO expert helps you establish a loyal and devoted range of buyers.


Although there is a multitude of companies that have not yet used the method, it’s something most will get done.

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5 trends in digital marketing 2017 that you need to know
I have read a number of articles that include surveys and predictions about how digital marketing will be for 2017.

What trends are visible and what do you need to invest in to succeed in your marketing?

# 1 Movie clips and live broadcast

You’ll see it almost everywhere and more and more channels offer movie clips. Recently, Instagram has recently released the opportunity to broadcast up to an hour’s live movie clip. Previously, there is the opportunity to broadcast live on Facebook and Youtube. Just by watching the flow on Facebook, you’ll see the amount of movie clips that have grown a lot, I’m experiencing.

What also seems clear is that movie clips are adapted for the mobile. According to an Invodo survey, movie clips have the highest ROI, and movie clips for mobile are growing 6 times faster than via the computer. Syndacast says that 74% of all traffic will be movie clips 2017.

This means that you need to think about strategically relevant movie clips and also customize your mobile marketing promotion. Not only that the website is mobile-optimized, which is also ranked higher by Google, but also that the material is adapted to an audience on the go.

Tip: Time to start with movie clips and live broadcast, start easy.

# 2 Influencer marketing

There is nothing new to work with influencers in marketing. However, many people dislike advertising, and then mostly millenials. When companies struggle to gain more reach and against “blocking”, influencers will play a major role in marketing. It’s not just about using big-known Youtubers but also creating original content that can not be found elsewhere. A famous social media profile that talks about your product to its fans gives a good effect. We already know that recommendations are highly valued, the numbers vary depending on whether or not you are aware, but 92% trust a friend’s recommendation.

If you find the right influencer, you create a higher credibility through each post in social media and ad.

How can you use influencers in your marketing?

# 3 Content Marketing

Content marketing seems to increase even in 2017. We have previously known that content marketing gives a stronger experience and that companies spend more money on good content. It is also the most cost-effective marketing compared with other types of marketing such as advertising. Businesses get a higher value by properly using content marketing. The key is to look at the customer’s value. When your content is focused on helping the customer and creating real value, you will arrive, create engagement and convert people within your website.

“In 2017, content marketing is going to be even more challenging than it is today” Moz

But it will also make even higher demands on the content. There has been a lot of focus on blogs, ebooks and other written articles focusing on generating more subscribers for newsletters. These continue to increase, but companies will need to be more creative and create better content to reach the noise. Visual content will be more important as search engines better understand what your website is about.

Imagine, what does the reader benefit from what you share with you?

# 4 Marketing automation and personalization

This involves briefly automating data and workflow for the market and sales process, including prospecting and customer measurement on landing pages, email and leads. In an article from Huffington Post, you can read that it’s about customizing and tailoring marketing materials to customers based on their needs and purchasing patterns.

This can create a valuable customer database if you pair it with your CRM system. Imagine sending an email to a person who visited the website a few hours earlier.

A little warning’s finger, do not invest in marketing automation without a plan that is in line with the company’s marketing and business goals.

“It’s all about the customers”

In addition, if you invest more in personal and segmented communication based on the audience you target, you’ll go further. For example, in the case of e-mail marketing, it means that people are selected material according to the list they have subscribed to. This way, the reader feels more familiar when sending information that is relevant to them. Use the information and data you have about your customers and customize your material.

The personalization gives a big profit for companies who want to create a better relationship with their customers.

Another aspect that I often encounter is retargeting. Often I’m being prosecuted several weeks after I have looked at a product or service, even though I have already completed a purchase. That’s where you can also improve by taking advantage of the data you have and adapting your marketing.

In summary, marketing means automation