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Social Media, Link Power & SEO

Social Media Marketing is an important factor for the digital presence and is an effective marketing method. In addition to this, social media can also have a major impact on active SEO work.

One of the key components of search engine optimization is to have as strong linking power as possible to the site. Marketing through social media is a very effective way of ethically working to get many incoming links to a website.

Linking and social media

News Portals, Networking, Bookmarking Services, etc. is a great way to drive traffic. Because links in social media are created by friends, they are usually relevant and provide a good effect when it comes to increased visibility in search engines. Since social media is constantly growing online, there are also a large number of niche sites and/or groups in the industry’s giants with content that attracts your customers/users.

With a great experience in SEO work and social media, Clixanomics can help you find the niche social networks where it gives you the best impression to be seen.

Digital presence

Through social media, one can effectively get an increased digital presence that can directly or indirectly provide many incoming links. Some social media & networks are either closed or have so-called “nofollow” links that all search engines do not follow.

This does not have to be a problem as the indirect effect can usually mean incoming links that the search engines follow. By having an increased digital presence, more people are taking part in your business, articles, news and can, in turn, lead a blogger to write about you and link to you.

Clixanomics knows which social media are most important in your industry.

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