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Social Media Marketing is an important factor for the digital presence and is an effective marketing method. In addition to this, social media can also have a major impact on active SEO work.

One of the key components of search engine optimization is to have as strong linking power as possible to the site. Marketing through social media is a very effective way of ethically working to get many incoming links to a website.

Linking and social media

News Portals, Networking, Bookmarking Services, etc. is a great way to drive traffic. Because links in social media are created by friends, they are usually relevant and provide a good effect when it comes to increased visibility in search engines. Since social media is constantly growing online, there are also a large number of niche sites and/or groups in the industry’s giants with content that attracts your customers/users.

With a great experience in SEO work and social media, Clixanomics can help you find the niche social networks where it gives you the best impression to be seen.

Digital presence

Through social media, one can effectively get an increased digital presence that can directly or indirectly provide many incoming links. Some social media & networks are either closed or have so-called “nofollow” links that all search engines do not follow.

This does not have to be a problem as the indirect effect can usually mean incoming links that the search engines follow. By having an increased digital presence, more people are taking part in your business, articles, news and can, in turn, lead a blogger to write about you and link to you.

Clixanomics knows which social media are most important in your industry.

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Advertising On Social Media


Today, most people have access to some kind of social media. Among the most popular are the giants Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. It’s no secret that most people spend a lot of their free time on the internet. This has given companies completely new opportunities to market themselves and reach out with their messages. It’s no longer about publishing ads in the magazine or creating television or radio advertising. Today, as an entrepreneur, you can communicate with your customers in a completely new way. Advertising on social media consists partly of traditional ads, but also of campaigns that provide more integration with customers. We will look at both phenomena in this text.

Social media is an important part of marketing for entrepreneurs

Social media and advertising
Just because social media has made its entry, it does not mean that the old traditional ads are fully calculated. In order to succeed in advertising, a lot of research is required. Let’s say you have a company that wants to get customers to take on the message: “Take advantage of the modern technology at to help you win.” Then you would like to advertise in a newspaper that is relevant to the subject, that is, a magazine about games. Exactly this applies to social media marketing Las Vegas as well. What is meant by this is that you have to search where your target audience is on the internet. Bringing an advertisement on Facebook, as surely reached by many, can be fruitless unless you do it strategically.

It is therefore important to carry out some detective work before you advertise. Where on the internet is your target audience? Are there, for example, special social media that they use? In such cases, it may be better to advertise on these and certainly reach out to fewer people but get more relevant customers for the brand. Some platforms, like Facebook, use so-called algorithms to control what you get in your newsflow. A blog is a social medium that can really be useful for easily finding relevant audiences. Among social media, blogs may be the most personal because bloggers often have a close relationship with their readers, which in turn gives your ad credibility. How to proceed to advertise on a blog can be read in the next paragraph.

To buy a bit of confidence

As mentioned earlier, bloggers often have a strong relationship with their followers, which means readers often rely on the content of the blogs. The advantage of this is that you as an entrepreneur can buy you on a bit of that trust through advertising or purchase. However, there are some important things to consider when you want to work with this kind of social media.

When you have a product to sell and want to get it on the market using blogs, the same thing applies as before: You must know which blogs are relevant to your business to be seen. It may seem tempting to contact the most famous blogs, but they usually get several requests each day. Therefore, it may be a better idea to contact a blogger who is less famous but a niche within the business area. That way, you reach more customers in your audience. The art of advertising on social media is to find its customer group in the crowd of all users.

When you contact a blogger, you should be read about the blog in question. Keep in mind that bloggers often spend a lot of time on their content and value it highly, so you are more likely to get a cooperation if you are nice and read. You should also be prepared to pay for your ad slot or post. In the past, it was common to offer free products in exchange for exposure to social media but today they are not as attractive as tax rules for bloggers and other social media have become harder. Nowadays, bloggers have to pay taxes on free products and therefore it would be better to discuss another compensation together.

Create exposure with exciting campaigns

As an entrepreneur, it is important that you are visible on social media. More and more companies today have their own Facebook pages, blogs, and Instagram accounts. The reason for this is that, as an entrepreneur, they have a unique opportunity to interact with their customers. This, in turn, creates security and trust for the company. With the help of social media, you can build your clientele on a long-term basis using content marketing. This means creating useful content that the customer can benefit from rather than trying to sell his product directly to the customer. In the long run, the customer will be looking forward to your business and purchasing products from you later. With this kind of digital marketing, you can create exciting campaigns that give the company greater dissemination.

Such campaigns may look a little different. It can be anything from any kind of challenge to a competition. Instagram is a successful forum for this type of campaign.


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Why Search Engine Optimization Is Important?


Even though there have been major changes in the digital landscape in recent years, there is no doubt that search engine optimization is still a very important part of marketing online. Search engine optimization, however, does not limit itself to ranking high in Google, but now overrides most areas of Internet marketing. Things like social media, user-friendliness, conversion, mobile interaction, and more are now an integral part of an SEO campaign. Search engine optimization, in itself, works exceptionally well, but in order to get maximum results, a more holistic approach is required. One hand must always know what the other is doing.


Let’s review some of the many points that speak for SEO:


Miami SEO gives you access to huge amounts of data to evaluate and measure marketing campaigns and customer behavior. How do customers find you, and what keywords? Which products have the biggest or greater potential, and which keywords are easier to optimize for? Who is the customer and where does this come from? Customer data is extremely valuable, and with search engine optimization, there is just about any of that product available. With software like Google Analytics, you can see and understand what the customer is doing on your site, what is required for an end, and especially how your site can be improved.



Search engine optimization works because it’s there just when customers are actually looking for your products/services, making it a much more effective strategy than an outbound (or interruptive) marketing method such as cold calling. Studies have shown that leads generated by SEO actually cost 61% less than those generated through cold calling.


With SEO, you are open to business 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Advertising is short-term and basically only impact as long as a campaign is alive. However, SEO is far more long-term, and although search engine placements cannot be permanent, they often have a much longer lifespan.


The relationship between SEO and Social Media is mutually beneficial. It’s more likely that your Tweets, posts, and updates get retweets on Twitter or Likes on Facebook if you have a site with high exposure in search engines. Likewise, it is also more likely that the shared material will lead to new in liners and customers.


Inbound leads help you, much easier, even though they are spread across a large geographic area, reach potential customers at a lower cost than traditional marketing.


Digital Landscape

It is estimated that 60% of the click goes to the first result in Google for a specific niche, and the second to the million result generates only 40% of the click for the same keyword. Here it becomes clear how important it is to get well into Google’s results.


For search engine optimization, costs are lower than search advertising, and unlike the latter, suddenly, your traffic does not end if you use SEO. With SEO, you put a long-term base sheet, which you then continuously maintain, and which provides free traffic source.


Ranking your website higher for relevant keywords means this, right done, not just more traffic but above all more finish.


SEO is incredibly important for brand building and credibility. Visitors often put greater trust in those companies that rank high in the results than those who have paid ads, or no online presence at all. Las Vegas SEO expert helps you establish a loyal and devoted range of buyers.


Although there is a multitude of companies that have not yet used the method, it’s something most will get done.

Digital Marketing Las Vegas

5 trends in digital marketing 2017 that you need to know
I have read a number of articles that include surveys and predictions about how digital marketing will be for 2017.

What trends are visible and what do you need to invest in to succeed in your marketing?

# 1 Movie clips and live broadcast

You’ll see it almost everywhere and more and more channels offer movie clips. Recently, Instagram has recently released the opportunity to broadcast up to an hour’s live movie clip. Previously, there is the opportunity to broadcast live on Facebook and Youtube. Just by watching the flow on Facebook, you’ll see the amount of movie clips that have grown a lot, I’m experiencing.

What also seems clear is that movie clips are adapted for the mobile. According to an Invodo survey, movie clips have the highest ROI, and movie clips for mobile are growing 6 times faster than via the computer. Syndacast says that 74% of all traffic will be movie clips 2017.

This means that you need to think about strategically relevant movie clips and also customize your mobile marketing promotion. Not only that the website is mobile-optimized, which is also ranked higher by Google, but also that the material is adapted to an audience on the go.

Tip: Time to start with movie clips and live broadcast, start easy.

# 2 Influencer marketing

There is nothing new to work with influencers in marketing. However, many people dislike advertising, and then mostly millenials. When companies struggle to gain more reach and against “blocking”, influencers will play a major role in marketing. It’s not just about using big-known Youtubers but also creating original content that can not be found elsewhere. A famous social media profile that talks about your product to its fans gives a good effect. We already know that recommendations are highly valued, the numbers vary depending on whether or not you are aware, but 92% trust a friend’s recommendation.

If you find the right influencer, you create a higher credibility through each post in social media and ad.

How can you use influencers in your marketing?

# 3 Content Marketing

Content marketing seems to increase even in 2017. We have previously known that content marketing gives a stronger experience and that companies spend more money on good content. It is also the most cost-effective marketing compared with other types of marketing such as advertising. Businesses get a higher value by properly using content marketing. The key is to look at the customer’s value. When your content is focused on helping the customer and creating real value, you will arrive, create engagement and convert people within your website.

“In 2017, content marketing is going to be even more challenging than it is today” Moz

But it will also make even higher demands on the content. There has been a lot of focus on blogs, ebooks and other written articles focusing on generating more subscribers for newsletters. These continue to increase, but companies will need to be more creative and create better content to reach the noise. Visual content will be more important as search engines better understand what your website is about.

Imagine, what does the reader benefit from what you share with you?

# 4 Marketing automation and personalization

This involves briefly automating data and workflow for the market and sales process, including prospecting and customer measurement on landing pages, email and leads. In an article from Huffington Post, you can read that it’s about customizing and tailoring marketing materials to customers based on their needs and purchasing patterns.

This can create a valuable customer database if you pair it with your CRM system. Imagine sending an email to a person who visited the website a few hours earlier.

A little warning’s finger, do not invest in marketing automation without a plan that is in line with the company’s marketing and business goals.

“It’s all about the customers”

In addition, if you invest more in personal and segmented communication based on the audience you target, you’ll go further. For example, in the case of e-mail marketing, it means that people are selected material according to the list they have subscribed to. This way, the reader feels more familiar when sending information that is relevant to them. Use the information and data you have about your customers and customize your material.

The personalization gives a big profit for companies who want to create a better relationship with their customers.

Another aspect that I often encounter is retargeting. Often I’m being prosecuted several weeks after I have looked at a product or service, even though I have already completed a purchase. That’s where you can also improve by taking advantage of the data you have and adapting your marketing.

In summary, marketing means automation


Online Marketing New York

Best Marketing Services in NYC

With the availability of internet to a huge number of people nowadays, most businesses are creating new ideas to use the power of the customers who utilize the internet for their business. They also observe that these millions of customers can be accessed easily with just a few clicks. Although there are some disadvantages of using internet marketing those who see it as the future of their business must ensure they keep to the advantages of internet marketing.

It is crucial for businesses as well as salespersons to note the advantages and the disadvantages of internet marketing. They can likewise make the right decision about this kind of marketing by considering their various options and getting to know more about their consumers which they want to reach. There is a need for them to also consider each advantage and disadvantage before developing various strategies which can be used to market or promote their products and services. This is because internet marketing comprises a wide range of strategies.

Internet Marketing Is the Future

One of the major advantages of internet marketing is that it has a wide coverage of the world’s consumers; the scope of the World Wide Web (www) is not limited to an area or a nation, it’s all over the world and the products or services being rendered will be seen in almost every part of the world where there is internet access. However, with the aid of other means of advertisement reaching out to such a number of people would be difficult.

Experiential agency nyc
Also, other kinds of advertisement and marketing campaign are not very effective when compared with online marketing, web design, and SEO. In order to know this practically, you can compare some advertising methods such as TV ads and radio as well as online banner ads or a pop-up, which is mostly used when compared with TV ad and radio. Regardless of whether they are interesting or not, you’ll definitely pay attention to them. This is also applicable to other methods of traditional online marketing and advertisement.

When online marketing is compared with some other traditional forms of marketing, you’ll observe that online marketing is fast, easy, and it’s inexpensive. Also, you won’t have to use a lot of money in some online marketing campaign and you will be able to achieve the desired results without investing lots of effort as well as money.

When these factors are considered, we can deduce that online marketing is very effective for businesses, and will likewise provide everything needed in order to have a successful marketing campaign.

marketing nyc
Another benefit or factor which makes online marketing a perfect option is that it is fast and it is very easy for you to target your consumer and audience. You can also reach millions of audience once with the aid of email marketing and it’s very easy to get email addresses of several thousands of customers from some service provider that sells these email addresses.

When all these factors are considered with the rapid increase in popularity of the internet in every part of the world, we can actually say that the future belongs to internet marketing, and more and more businesses will have no other option other than to depend more on internet marketing in the coming years.

Bad Website Design


Conversion Rate Optimization
Most people think having a website is enough; however, that could be far from the truth nowadays. A company website serves as its pulse and without a website, the company may not exist. Nowadays most websites fail all because the owners or those who manage such website do not pay attention to the necessary details. Also, there are things that needed to be avoided in order to have a thriving website that would generate more traffic thereby leading to more sales.  Our Las Vegas web design company can fix your conversion.

The Best Way To Judge Failure

A website that has little or no traffic has failed, this is because without website no one would be able to contact or hire you. They won’t be able to find your products and services and would not be able to locate you so as to find out whether you have what they need. Let’s examine the reasons why most website fails.

Lack of Content

Digital Marketing
This is the major reasons why most websites fail nowadays, the content needs to add value to the website by providing new and fresh information. The content will be about the subject you are offering so as to help with the ranking of the site in the major search engines. This implies writing content that answer the question your potential clients want to ask. There is a need for you to know that those people on the web are looking for information and not your company directly. When they enter a keyword like “home for sale in the United States” in the Google search bar, they are finding information and not a real estate agent. The various sites would be analyzed if they provide an answer to a particular search which is made through their service. If it does, then you will be ranked for the first set of keywords and by so doing you will get more organic traffic with SEO, but if your site does not have a reasonable content it would not be ranked and would lead to failure.

Updates & Proofreading

There are many sites that have glaring mistakes in language, vocabulary or the use of the verb. Most of these sites have torn the English language apart and this makes visitors leave immediately. Many sites also have broken links which also make visitors not to visit such site again. And remember when visitors leave your site they would not come back again. This is the main reason why most sites fail and this can be prevented by looking for quality contents that are free from grammatical error, and ensure they are updated from time to time.

Too Many Banner Ads, Weird Colors, & Flashy Text

A website that looks just like one big sales pitch will fail because it will be too clumsy for the visitors to go through. People come across several ads on daily basis on TV and billboards, they also hear them on radio and when going to work. If your website does not focus on the service you render, then visitors would click away and this will result in the failure of the website.

Researching Keywords

A Keyword is very crucial because the search engine will use them to find your website. When you find the right keyword, it means you know the exact thing people are searching for and this will help you because it will be incorporated into your contents and people will use them to find your website. However without these keywords, a website will not show on the search engine result page, there will be no sales and a massive failure would set in.

Respond to Visitors in a Timely Manner

It is observed that most people do not respond to the inquiries made by clients. In some cases, if 5 emails are sent, you might get a reply for only one or two. Other replies might not come or come after a long period of time. This definitely kills a website because when most people choose a company they want to work with, they consider the response rate of the company. The point here is that the site must be very interactive and you must also respond to a client at a very fast rate so as to prevent the site from failing. If these are not done, it is certain that the site will soon have fewer visitors which will eventually lead to failure.

It is also important to go for a good design when designing a website so that it will result to a high rate of conversion and the site should be interactive so that customers would be able to take necessary actions easily. These are the major reasons why websites fail and should be addressed properly to prevent the failure of a website.

Las Vegas Digital Marketing Strategies

Digital Marketing vs. Online Marketing

Digital and online marketing are terms which are mostly misused and confused. It might sound trivia but when you know the difference, you would be able to shape your Las Vegas marketing strategy appropriately. It can likewise help you to analyze your current strategy by knowing the category your marketing strategy falls under. Whether you are making a long-term effort or just playing with your outreach effort, it is crucial to yield consistency.

Digital Marketing: The Umbrella Term

Digital marketing involves using digital channels, devices as well as platforms (whether online or not) to promote or build your marketing message. This means that in digital marketing, you’re not limited to the use of the internet, and this is why digital marketing can serve as an umbrella because it encompasses several marketing techniques.

For example, if you download ‘chicken invaders’ on your phone, you did this by using the internet and the application was built with technology that also uses the internet. However, the application will work independently of the internet when used on your phone and can be considered as a kind of digital marketing.

Another example is when you want to run a mobile campaign whereby text message is sent to your customers about upcoming promotions from your business. In this case, an internet connection will be used to create and also send the message, but for the user to receive the message they do not need an internet connection.

However, we can say that as long as technology keeps advancing, digital marketing will also advance but it is safe to say anything with digital foundation can be considered as digital marketing.

Now there are several strategies to choose from, they include:

• Content Marketing
• Video Marketing
• E-mail Marketing
• E-books
• Games
• Mobile Marketing (SMS text campaigns)
• TV ads

Online Marketing

digital marketing las vegas

Online marketing is mostly referred to as internet marketing and it is a subset of digital marketing. The main attribute of online marketing is that it requires internet connection to work, so, a PPC campaign which is run for your business is a form of online marketing. Another example is pop-ups which are run on various website to advertise and offer a service. The same is applicable to display advertising of any kind be it banner ads or text ads.

Just like digital marketing, online marketing also evolves with technology. However, online marketing is so fast that it can sometimes be difficult to keep. Also for newcomer it might seem more overwhelming because of the terminology as well as skillset that some effort require.

Some of the online marketing efforts include:

• Display Advertising
• Social Media Marketing
Website Design

The Best Place To Invest Money

Most businesses always engage in some digital marketing, and this is great but not enough. Most people love using data to make decisions when it comes to marketing a business and also learning about it fro a different point of view.

This however depends on various factors such as:

• Industry
• Business type
• Marketing Goals
• Marketing budget
• Target audience

For these reasons it is highly recommended to use at least one form of online marketing to benefit from the data you can gather, and the rate at which it is yielding result. Google Analytics can also be installed to analyze your campaign and if the campaign is run on a system, ensure you add conversion tracking so as to see the exact place where you can spend your money wisely.

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Why is NYC Website Design Important to Boost Conversion?

increase conversion rate ecommerce

You may think it is not necessary to update your website design but an outdated website design needs to be updated because a compelling website design matters in boosting the rate of conversion. If you seek a website firm that gives your website a facelift, you’ll observe that the new design will generate more business. However, studies have revealed that well-built website generates more customer traffic and an improved user interface also increases the rate of conversion thereby generating new business at a very high rate. But how can this be done? How can a company’s website design impact the success of a business? There are several reasons why customers would be attracted to a well-designed website.

Here are five key component a web designer should take note when designing a website so as to generate more sales.


digital marketing agency

The important part of a website is the navigation; this can make or break a site especially robust website with many pages. The website navigation includes a navigation bar or list of labels that differentiate the pages of the website. A good navigation should be easy to find and comprehensive making it easy to go through the whole website. When website designers are designing navigation they can easily get carried away with the designs as well as fancy typefaces. In most cases, simplified navigation increases the ease of use of such website thereby boosting conversion and sales. A good approach is that the website should be intuitive to the extent that older people can understand it.

Brand Consistency

social media marketing agency

If the logo of your company is used frequently in print materials like a business card, letterheads, pamphlets, etc. then the logo and the imagery used should be transferred into the website design. It is crucial for your customer to be able to recognize your brand in various forms of communication so that they can associate with your brand and also patronize your business. Most times when the visual communication changes with the brand, it makes the customers feel uncomfortable which can reduce the rate of conversion.

Reading Patterns and SEO

Online Content Marketing

Most people are used to reading a web page the way they read books, from top to bottom, left to right. This should be taken into consideration when designing website. Many designers make sure they place relevant information on the topmost left-hand column. This will help to pass the message effectively to website visitors who will be the potential customers. However, what majority do not know is that crucial information which is placed in these areas also helps to improve search engine optimization (SEO). When important company-related keywords are included here, the search engine such as Google and Bing would be able to crawl your website easily. This will increase your search visibility and also boost conversion.


Content Marketing Strategy

The content of your website is crucial because this is the means by which your company’s brand positions, as well as promises, are communicated. There are other crucial elements to be considered when copywriter creates the content and designers create the visual environment for the content. When the message is short, detailed and welcoming (based on the industry), it helps the reader to remember them easily. Also when the text on the page is too much, the page will become visually cluttered and readers would find it difficult to read the content and won’t be interested in staying on the page. When the content is streamlining, the designer would be able to insert text into the design, which would include plenty of empty spaces. This empty space would allow the reader’s eye to rest on the content of the page and they won’t be tired of reading. This will also boost conversion because when they stay longer on the page, they would definitely patronize your business.


Web Content Marketing

It is very important to build trust amongst your customers, but this will not happen unless you get to know them and what they like. The marketing approach can serve as a way to have a conversation with customers, which will help to discover more about your customer’s needs. When you strengthened dialogue with customers, you can complement what they like in your new design. By making your website look trustworthy and welcoming to visitors, you will observe an increase in your website traffic, and an improvement in new business would lead to website conversion.

Most businesses are looking for something more welcoming rather than confusing letters and numbers. Website design is an amazing way to create a user-friendly environment where people can get helpful tips and best practices. If a website is well designed and managed, customers will flourish at your site which will result in more business.

Website Design Los Angeles

Why Website Design Is Important For Businesses 

Great Web Design

Nowadays, good website design is important because the world is driven by Internet Marketing. Many people prefer to do business online and the trend seems to be increasing in that direction for the future. When a website is new few years back, having a good website is not as important as it is today because the online market has become so competitive. With many amazing websites, it is crucial to stand out, however, standing out becomes so difficult because the market gets more crowded. People now pay more attention to businesses than they do in the past. A Recent survey shows that if people search the web and could not get what they are looking for within 20 seconds, they might get frustrated and move to the next result in the search engine.

That is one of the reasons why three factors are essential in having a successful website. The first one is having the best SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for your business. Keeping your site SEO up to date will have a great effect on how your website is ranked in the search engine. However, when your site has a better SEO, such site will rank higher when in the search engine. If your site is in the second, third or fourth page of the search results, then few people will visit your site. But if the search ranking is maintained at a higher position, then there is higher likelihood that your site would be in the first search results and you will get more visitors to your site.

For example, if you have a restaurant in Santa Monica California and someone search for “restaurant in Santa Monica” or “restaurant in Los Angeles,” if you have a low Google ranking, there is the likelihood that people would not find your site. This is why investing in your site SEO is crucial.

Web Design Company California

Aesthetics is the second factor: Getting people to visit your site means little unless you can keep them there and this is why aesthetics is very important. Most people like attractive things compared to things that are not attractive, for instance, they get to look attractive people longer than those that are not attractive. The same is applicable when you visit a park if the park has brown grass and dead trees; you would not want to stay longer there compared to a park full of beauty. The same illustration goes for a website; if a website is attractive and appealing aesthetically then people would stay on such site for a longer duration. If not, they would likely move to the next website. Design helps to convey your marketing message.

However, the first two factors are useless without the third one: the third factor is to have a user-friendly website. The main aim of your website is to provide relevant information to your potential customers. Along with the two factors earlier mentioned, this is where the service of a web design company makes a huge difference. There are numerous ways by which a website and pages can be laid so as to make it effective and user-friendly but most people do not have this is one of the best SEO companies that have the expertise to set up a website design so that it will be user-friendly and will have an amazing aesthesis and search ratings.

Other benefits of having a business website

New Website Design Trends

Cost Effective

Having a business website is cost-effective because once the site is ready; all you need to do is to maintain the website which will involve spending few amount of money. A strategically designed website and online presence also reduce the amount of money that would be spent on other means of advertising.

Accessible around the clock

Once you have a business website, your website and social media accounts would be accessible to potential customers every time of the day. For instance, if you want to buy from a store and you try your possible best to go to the store but observe that the store has closed. You wouldn’t feel good and won’t want to go back there. You would want to find another option that is easily accessible.

Since your business website would be functional every time, your customers and clients would be able to access you from a coffee shop, their home or wherever they are.


Which one is more convenient? Is it driving around to find stores where you can shop or sitting with your computer or mobile device and shopping for any product of your choice? The answer is crystal clear unless you wanted to drive around; smart people realize this and then have their own website with the product and services they offer so that their potential customers can visit their site for the products they desire.


When you build a website, you will have the opportunity of communicating with the customers and pass relevant information regarding why they should trust you. It is very certain that people will search for products and services before buying so as to check their credibility. When you provide good product or services, positive reviews about your business would spread which will bring more customers to your business. The majority only trust a business after they have done business with it. With your website, you would be able to serve customers online and thereby increasing your credibility as a business owner.


Your business would be doomed without sales or when you spend more than you sell. When you have an online presence, you would be able to sell your product or service every time of the day to anyone that wants to buy without any limitations unless you run out of stock which is a good problem. Giving your business the online presence it deserves will lift your brand and make your accountant smile as well. However, when your brand is visible worldwide, you would be able to gain more customers which will, in turn, leads to more sales.


You would be able to market your business online with the aid of website and there are several strategies that you can use because all online marketing techniques have been proven to be effective. You can choose anyone depending on the kind of business you are doing. Contact us at for the best website design and marketing technique for your business.

Las Vegas Web Design

Web Design And SEO Service

With the high demand for new websites, website design services are now becoming popular. You might be asked why you would want to develop or own a website. It is quite sure that a person would not want to spend his or her hard earned money without any purpose. There is a purpose behind every activity. So people that aim at having a website of their own might be a businessman and, therefore want to make their business more visible. Also, the educational institution may need a website with the aim of getting all admission related tasks done online; notices that are important may also be published online. You might, however, be asked that what is the correlation between having a website and website design service?

If an individual owns a website, it means that they know about the merit and demerit about developing one. It also requires technical knowledge with many other skills to build a website. The majority may not have this kind of knowledge to build a website personally, hence, they need a website design services. Specifically, professional design services are the only option that can provide owners with total satisfaction on their part. The main goal of website design service is to build a website for its clients and also ensure it looks like how the clients desire. However, examples of designs can also be provided for the clients, you also have to ensure that the website is attractive and relevant to the business the client is involved with.

Developing a website is not enough for a client, professionals also bookmark the sites they develop in several social networking sites, submit them to different directorates so as to make the website search engine friendly. With all these, the website will be visible in the search engine. Also, professional service provides complete package to their clients. Just as it is crucial to have a website that looks good and is relevant to various necessities, it is likewise important to find a professional website design service. This can be gotten from several institutions but you need to be careful when contacting one so as to ensure you get the desired result.

Here are some reasons why it is essential to choose a professional website design service:

First impressions

The first impressions are very crucial for websites, most people usually think about buying a product or service if the website is attractive and easy to navigate. A professional website design will definitely leave a good first impression and will likewise make people realize that your business is credible and professional.

Further publicity through CSS galleries

Another benefit of a unique and professional design is that it can be submitted to different CSS galleries. A CSS gallery is a showroom for amazing and unique website designs. You can showcase your website to an audience through CSS gallery thereby creating publicity for such website. This will increase your site traffic thereby creating more sales.

Highlight your expertise

A professional will assist you in displaying what you do best. For example, if you are a designer, the way you design your website will show how skilled you are. When you showcase your work, potential clients would know what you are capable of doing and what they should expect from you. This can only be done with a professional design and not a sloppy design without any direction.

Compatibility with various browsers

People now use various kind of browser to surf the internet. Your website needs to be compatible with all the browsers in order to retain all your potential clients. They also ensure that your website can be viewed from all browsers in order to maintain a professional appearance when people visit you.

Reduce maintenance time

Am quite sure no one wants to deal with the challenges of maintaining site every time, especially when you have to worry about other things such as sales and traffic. Websites that are designed by professionals takes little time to maintain. Because of this, you will have more time to focus on other things that will generate more sales.

SEO service has been growing rapidly in the World Wide Web and if you own a small business, you might be clueless about the right SEO service to hire. Right now, it is essential to know the kind of SEO services that are best for your business. Las Vegas SEO service is an integral part of putting a website on the first page of the search result (SERPs). This is because if a website cannot be found in the first few pages of the search engine results, such website will be considered unprofitable because most shoppers won’t find a service beyond the first two pages.

Some people use Pay Per Click (PPC), it will definitely give you a boost of traffic but this is very complicated. If it is not done in the appropriate way, it could result to wastage of budget because it is more expensive than SEO service. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is for a longer duration. It might look slow initially but will definitely generate more profit for the business in the long run. However, once you stop PPC, your revenue will likewise stop.

What SEO Services are composed of:

Keyword Research 

Find SEO Keywords For a Website

SEO services always start with keyword research, this is the process by which relevant and profitable keywords that people are typing in the search bar of the search engines are identified. Most people do this in order to find a product, information, and services online with the intention of buying. So it is important to note the commercial intent of the keyword chosen by the SEO service provider. It also important to know the number of searches that have been in the past month for certain keyword and to also identify the trend because some keywords are seasonal.

Strategic Link building

SEO Link Building Service

SEO service also includes link building as part of the package. You cannot start building links because this can result to the banning of a business website. There are some strategies on how to build links appropriately so that the site will rank higher in the search engine and this can only be done appropriately by SEO services firms.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Websites

This is one of the recent methods of optimization which is provided by top SEO firms and has gained popularity because it has effectively increased brand awareness and also converts sales apart from pulling massive traffic. Social media optimization is a kind of online marketing where one uses popular social media channels, blogs, social bookmarking, networking websites and Audio hosting website to create brand awareness, viral buzz, brand loyalty, and public relations to promote one’s services or product.

Website Design and Development

User Experience Design

An effective business website is being provided by SEO, website technology has moved to a new level. Recently, static sites bore most of the visitors and businesses with an engaging website have more conversion. Nowadays, it is very easy to build a website because of the availability of website builder’s software, however; a good business website has to be written very well, from the graphics designs to programming context and every other aspect. A website must likewise be easy to use for visitor and crawl for search engines.

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Web Design And SEO

Web Design VS SEO

Las Vegas Web Design

Web design and SEO remains locked in a heated debate separated by user experience and online visibility. Each side stand behind their respective craft with the belief that their work is vital to online success. However, the main goal of SEO is to drive traffic by increasing the ranking in the search engines. The web design must communicate the experience the brand has through the client’s website. Both of them are essential to any company but they use different ideas and techniques. How can SEO and web design team work together to achieve the best site for clients?

The Design Aspect

Most of the first and second generation websites are more than a decade old, they are designed with little or no thought about website optimization when it comes to search user engagement and search engine optimization. So what is web optimization and why do we need it?

A website which cannot be found in the search engine is useless and if the experience users derive by using a website is poor, visitors will leave immediately. In some cases, it is better not to have a website than to have a poorly designed website which will leave visitors with a negative view of your organization.

Web Design nyc

Your company can also be at a competitive disadvantage if your website is not well designed. As a marketing manager of any organization, you need to ensure that the website of your organization is visually impressive, intuitive and interesting to visit. This will help to improve your company’s brand reputation as well as the potential for success. However, making a plan for a better website is crucial.

The web designers create website having the client’s audience in mind. Most time, their belief is that the user’s experience dictates success. At the basic level, teams that are creative tell a story. With the aid of design and copy, the team takes the brand and crafts a unique world for it. They build a website with a theme and look; a flavor and feel. Most time, the most effective way to convey a message is with the aid of technologies like AJAX, Flash Animation, as well as Silverlight. Video integrations like YouTube have also become frequent recently. Because these technologies engage the user, designers will want to make use of them. With the aid of technological integration, the design can be brought to life and the story of any brand can be told. If Silverlight and Flash will make the experience of a site more interactive and enticing, then designers can also implement them accordingly.

What to Look for When Designing a Website

Website design depends on the industry as well as the level of competition; a website design can be either simple or complex for organizations that are offering many products or services. Below are the important points to consider when choosing a digital marketing agency.

1. Establish a baseline – research your competitors, the best point to start when you want to design a website is how it will look and how it will function. To do this, you take a look at the website of other competitor and see how their own website is designed and how it functions. Carry out a thorough research ahead of time and discuss with the management about websites the users like and those ones they don’t like. This will be a great starting point towards understanding what the users’ desire and things you need to avoid.

2. When carrying out your research with the competitors, endeavor to understand the reason why some competitors rank very well in the search engine while others can’t be found in the first two pages of the search results. Although an inexperienced marketing manager might not know what to look for, by taking a look at your competitor’s website you will have a good understanding of the terms used, where to position them and how the website navigation and menu are laid out.

3. Contact different digital marketing agencies to discuss their approach, previous clients as well as price. Try to ask about the role of the search engine optimization and visitor engagement in the website design and development. Take note and ask questions about topics you are unfamiliar with so as to educate yourself with the answers.

4. To understand the capabilities and success of any digital agency you have to know the previous and current clients and this is why you need to ask for references. Take a look at the websites and find out if they are similar or each one is unique with respect to the need of each client. When an agency has many website designs, it shows diversity and the ability to adapt to different situation and industries.

5. If you are not sure on how to proceed, you can ask for a website audit or review from one of the agencies being considered. Which one of the agency conducted the highest website audit? Which one of them was able to provide sufficient explanations?

The SEO Team

san diego seo

Once a designer tells a story, the search engine will provide directions. The SEO focus mainly on traffic and visibility, their belief is that a website has to be seen to be heard. The surprise is that SEO wants to utilize those expressive technologies as well.

They are more cautious about where and when. Although a SEO-friendly website doesn’t need to be straight HTML however, SEO team must consider how search engine set up their algorithms and the best approach to use so that a site will rank well. Even if a site uses AJAX, the key content must be accessible for indexing.

This is the point where the two discipline clash. Whenever creative say Flash, the SEO team counters with CSS. Also, SEO wants text-based navigation while creative wants rollover. Now which one is more important: the traffic or the experience?


Whenever you drive traffic to a site, the experience users have is also important and this is why it can’t be about search engine only. However, the users, as well as the client, will be disappointed if the content is not good.

Also, what good is the eye catching website if no one sees it? The internet is very big for both experimental search optimization and web design. Education is the key to this kind of compromise. The designers need to understand how SEO works and SEO must also comprehend the significance of design elements to branding and messaging. However, both of them have to consider how a visitor will get to the site.

The Client Comes First

The interest of the client has to be the major concern for the web designers and SEO because clients want both search visibility and brand identity. The creative and SEO have to put their feud aside to achieve this.

How Much Does it Cost For a Website

How Much Does a Website Cost?

Nowadays, anyone can build a website but there is need to know how much it would cost to build an effective website, an effective website will work very well and also grow your business. We would list different types of website, their associated budget and explain in details what separate an effective website from other ones that are not effective.

One of the best approaches to illustrate a website design cost is to describe the common types and assign a cost to each and every one of them. The description, as well as the estimate that would provide, are based on our experience with several website projects ranging from $5,000- $200,000.

What kind of website do you need for your business? Here are the lists of the kinds of website.

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A Single Page/ Landing Page Website:

This website has a single page and is also called “landing page,” this is because when people click on a specific link from an ad or email, they will land on this single page website.

Sometimes you may have to scroll down this single website because the page is long but the content on the page is not very much. The goal of this single page website is simple, to motivate visitors to sign up for an offer, purchase a product, call a number, fill out a form or download a file. The content on this website is aimed at helping visitors complete any one of these tasks. The amount of effort required to build this website is always minimal because the website is so focused.

The cost for this kind of website can range from about $5,000 – $15,000+ depending on the scope of the project. The project that is well defined by the owner are mostly on the lower end of the range whereas other ones that require a lot of definition and strategy would cost more even if it’s only one long page.

Small-Business Informational Website:

This is the most common type of website for small business. It usually has less than 20 pages. The types of contents you would find on this website include; About, Home, Vision/Mission, Team, Services, Testimonials, Press, News, Blog, Contact. The major objective of this kind of website is to promote the brand, provide information and marketing businesses services. This is different from that of a single page website which is to motivate the visitors to complete various revenue generating tasks. This kind of website is usually designed with Drupal or WordPress as the framework. The design will also be customized and the feature will be based on the business requirements as well as clients branding.

The cost of this kind of website can range from $15,000 to $30,000+ depending on the scope of the project.

Medium-Sized Informative Business Website:

This has the same structure with small-business informational website earlier mentioned but there is a need for additional content pages and/or special functionalities. Examples of such additional features could be:

 A large management team each with biodata.
 A resource center with much downloadable content
 Online logins and membership
 Custom store or dealer locations
 Interactive Forms

A complex service which requires many subpages of content and downloads.

The cost of this type of website can range from about $30,000 to $40,000+ and this price depends on the scope of the project.

Small Business E-commerce Website:

This is a simple marketing website with different e-commerce feature for the purchase of a small amount of product or services. With our experience, it is much easier and cheaper to utilize a WordPress solution like WooCommerce or a hosted cart like Shopify for this kind of website. These work very well when you have a standard e-commerce requirement that doesn’t require the use of APIs to back-office systems or external databases.
The costs for this type of website range from about $10,000 – $25,000+ depending on the scope of the project.

Medium-Size E-commerce Website:

This level of e-commerce means that you will need one or more of the following:

 Customer shipping, fulfillment, accounting, and various back-end functions.
 A lot of complex products
 Custom rules around purchasing, such as retail and wholesale pricing.
 Presentation of custom product

We would recommend going with Drupal Commerce, Magento or some similar cart for this kind of e-commerce website.

The cost for this kind of website can range from $40,000 – $100,000+ depending on the scope of the project.

But there is a need for me to know how to make my website more effective, how do I go about this?

You need to know that your website doesn’t exist in a vacuum. The website is part of a broad ecosystem because you need to reach out to your customers wherever they are; a website is also an important element but not the only element of your online strategy.

This implies that social media channels such as Linkedln, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube etc., are all extensions of your brand message and can definitely generate more traffic than your website thereby leading to more sales. However, a website can be a hub for your business but there is a need for you to use the power and effectiveness of other complementary channels to boost your brand.

Another important factor that will determine the success of your business is your outbound marketing strategy. This strategy makes use of pay-per-click ads and email. With this approach, your business will always be in front of your customers.

Web developer Las Vegas

Your website can also be more effective by combining your business website with the following:

• Adwords or Pay-per-click
• Content Publishing
• Email campaigns
• Social Media
• Print Advertising

How do I know if my website is effective?

With the aid of applications like Google Analytics, marketers and business owners would be able to see the effectiveness of digital marketing. There are several tools available to track any aspect of your business online. An experienced digital marketing agency should be able to tell you the effectiveness of a campaign, the cost as well as returns on your spending. So all your emails, pages, ads can all be tracked and analyzed for effectiveness. When you carry out experiments with different strategies, you will be able to find out the best marketing technique for your business.

The cost of a website varies based on the complexity of the website scope. We have provided different types of website and the cost associated with each one of them. However, a website alone is not enough; there is a need for you to find a digital agency that can increase the effectiveness of your business across the online landscape, by making use of online marketing channels to broaden your business and brand.

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