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Social Media, Link Power & SEO

Social Media Marketing is an important factor for the digital presence and is an effective marketing method. In addition to this, social media can also have a major impact on active SEO work.

One of the key components of search engine optimization is to have as strong linking power as possible to the site. Marketing through social media is a very effective way of ethically working to get many incoming links to a website.

Linking and social media

News Portals, Networking, Bookmarking Services, etc. is a great way to drive traffic. Because links in social media are created by friends, they are usually relevant and provide a good effect when it comes to increased visibility in search engines. Since social media is constantly growing online, there are also a large number of niche sites and/or groups in the industry’s giants with content that attracts your customers/users.

With a great experience in SEO work and social media, Clixanomics can help you find the niche social networks where it gives you the best impression to be seen.

Digital presence

Through social media, one can effectively get an increased digital presence that can directly or indirectly provide many incoming links. Some social media & networks are either closed or have so-called “nofollow” links that all search engines do not follow.

This does not have to be a problem as the indirect effect can usually mean incoming links that the search engines follow. By having an increased digital presence, more people are taking part in your business, articles, news and can, in turn, lead a blogger to write about you and link to you.

Clixanomics knows which social media are most important in your industry.

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Why Search Engine Optimization Is Important?


Even though there have been major changes in the digital landscape in recent years, there is no doubt that search engine optimization is still a very important part of marketing online. Search engine optimization, however, does not limit itself to ranking high in Google, but now overrides most areas of Internet marketing. Things like social media, user-friendliness, conversion, mobile interaction, and more are now an integral part of an SEO campaign. Search engine optimization, in itself, works exceptionally well, but in order to get maximum results, a more holistic approach is required. One hand must always know what the other is doing.


Let’s review some of the many points that speak for SEO:


Miami SEO gives you access to huge amounts of data to evaluate and measure marketing campaigns and customer behavior. How do customers find you, and what keywords? Which products have the biggest or greater potential, and which keywords are easier to optimize for? Who is the customer and where does this come from? Customer data is extremely valuable, and with search engine optimization, there is just about any of that product available. With software like Google Analytics, you can see and understand what the customer is doing on your site, what is required for an end, and especially how your site can be improved.



Search engine optimization works because it’s there just when customers are actually looking for your products/services, making it a much more effective strategy than an outbound (or interruptive) marketing method such as cold calling. Studies have shown that leads generated by SEO actually cost 61% less than those generated through cold calling.


With SEO, you are open to business 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Advertising is short-term and basically only impact as long as a campaign is alive. However, SEO is far more long-term, and although search engine placements cannot be permanent, they often have a much longer lifespan.


The relationship between SEO and Social Media is mutually beneficial. It’s more likely that your Tweets, posts, and updates get retweets on Twitter or Likes on Facebook if you have a site with high exposure in search engines. Likewise, it is also more likely that the shared material will lead to new in liners and customers.


Inbound leads help you, much easier, even though they are spread across a large geographic area, reach potential customers at a lower cost than traditional marketing.


Digital Landscape

It is estimated that 60% of the click goes to the first result in Google for a specific niche, and the second to the million result generates only 40% of the click for the same keyword. Here it becomes clear how important it is to get well into Google’s results.


For search engine optimization, costs are lower than search advertising, and unlike the latter, suddenly, your traffic does not end if you use SEO. With SEO, you put a long-term base sheet, which you then continuously maintain, and which provides free traffic source.


Ranking your website higher for relevant keywords means this, right done, not just more traffic but above all more finish.


SEO is incredibly important for brand building and credibility. Visitors often put greater trust in those companies that rank high in the results than those who have paid ads, or no online presence at all. Las Vegas SEO expert helps you establish a loyal and devoted range of buyers.


Although there is a multitude of companies that have not yet used the method, it’s something most will get done.

Web Design And SEO

Web Design VS SEO

Las Vegas Web Design

Web design and SEO remains locked in a heated debate separated by user experience and online visibility. Each side stand behind their respective craft with the belief that their work is vital to online success. However, the main goal of SEO is to drive traffic by increasing the ranking in the search engines. The web design must communicate the experience the brand has through the client’s website. Both of them are essential to any company but they use different ideas and techniques. How can SEO and web design team work together to achieve the best site for clients?

The Design Aspect

Most of the first and second generation websites are more than a decade old, they are designed with little or no thought about website optimization when it comes to search user engagement and search engine optimization. So what is web optimization and why do we need it?

A website which cannot be found in the search engine is useless and if the experience users derive by using a website is poor, visitors will leave immediately. In some cases, it is better not to have a website than to have a poorly designed website which will leave visitors with a negative view of your organization.

Web Design nyc

Your company can also be at a competitive disadvantage if your website is not well designed. As a marketing manager of any organization, you need to ensure that the website of your organization is visually impressive, intuitive and interesting to visit. This will help to improve your company’s brand reputation as well as the potential for success. However, making a plan for a better website is crucial.

The web designers create website having the client’s audience in mind. Most time, their belief is that the user’s experience dictates success. At the basic level, teams that are creative tell a story. With the aid of design and copy, the team takes the brand and crafts a unique world for it. They build a website with a theme and look; a flavor and feel. Most time, the most effective way to convey a message is with the aid of technologies like AJAX, Flash Animation, as well as Silverlight. Video integrations like YouTube have also become frequent recently. Because these technologies engage the user, designers will want to make use of them. With the aid of technological integration, the design can be brought to life and the story of any brand can be told. If Silverlight and Flash will make the experience of a site more interactive and enticing, then designers can also implement them accordingly.

What to Look for When Designing a Website

Website design depends on the industry as well as the level of competition; a website design can be either simple or complex for organizations that are offering many products or services. Below are the important points to consider when choosing a digital marketing agency.

1. Establish a baseline – research your competitors, the best point to start when you want to design a website is how it will look and how it will function. To do this, you take a look at the website of other competitor and see how their own website is designed and how it functions. Carry out a thorough research ahead of time and discuss with the management about websites the users like and those ones they don’t like. This will be a great starting point towards understanding what the users’ desire and things you need to avoid.

2. When carrying out your research with the competitors, endeavor to understand the reason why some competitors rank very well in the search engine while others can’t be found in the first two pages of the search results. Although an inexperienced marketing manager might not know what to look for, by taking a look at your competitor’s website you will have a good understanding of the terms used, where to position them and how the website navigation and menu are laid out.

3. Contact different digital marketing agencies to discuss their approach, previous clients as well as price. Try to ask about the role of the search engine optimization and visitor engagement in the website design and development. Take note and ask questions about topics you are unfamiliar with so as to educate yourself with the answers.

4. To understand the capabilities and success of any digital agency you have to know the previous and current clients and this is why you need to ask for references. Take a look at the websites and find out if they are similar or each one is unique with respect to the need of each client. When an agency has many website designs, it shows diversity and the ability to adapt to different situation and industries.

5. If you are not sure on how to proceed, you can ask for a website audit or review from one of the agencies being considered. Which one of the agency conducted the highest website audit? Which one of them was able to provide sufficient explanations?

The SEO Team

san diego seo

Once a designer tells a story, the search engine will provide directions. The SEO focus mainly on traffic and visibility, their belief is that a website has to be seen to be heard. The surprise is that SEO wants to utilize those expressive technologies as well.

They are more cautious about where and when. Although a SEO-friendly website doesn’t need to be straight HTML however, SEO team must consider how search engine set up their algorithms and the best approach to use so that a site will rank well. Even if a site uses AJAX, the key content must be accessible for indexing.

This is the point where the two discipline clash. Whenever creative say Flash, the SEO team counters with CSS. Also, SEO wants text-based navigation while creative wants rollover. Now which one is more important: the traffic or the experience?


Whenever you drive traffic to a site, the experience users have is also important and this is why it can’t be about search engine only. However, the users, as well as the client, will be disappointed if the content is not good.

Also, what good is the eye catching website if no one sees it? The internet is very big for both experimental search optimization and web design. Education is the key to this kind of compromise. The designers need to understand how SEO works and SEO must also comprehend the significance of design elements to branding and messaging. However, both of them have to consider how a visitor will get to the site.

The Client Comes First

The interest of the client has to be the major concern for the web designers and SEO because clients want both search visibility and brand identity. The creative and SEO have to put their feud aside to achieve this.