Bad Website Design


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Most people think having a website is enough; however, that could be far from the truth nowadays. A company website serves as its pulse and without a website, the company may not exist. Nowadays most websites fail all because the owners or those who manage such website do not pay attention to the necessary details. Also, there are things that needed to be avoided in order to have a thriving website that would generate more traffic thereby leading to more sales.  Our Las Vegas web design company can fix your conversion.

The Best Way To Judge Failure

A website that has little or no traffic has failed, this is because without website no one would be able to contact or hire you. They won’t be able to find your products and services and would not be able to locate you so as to find out whether you have what they need. Let’s examine the reasons why most website fails.

Lack of Content

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This is the major reasons why most websites fail nowadays, the content needs to add value to the website by providing new and fresh information. The content will be about the subject you are offering so as to help with the ranking of the site in the major search engines. This implies writing content that answer the question your potential clients want to ask. There is a need for you to know that those people on the web are looking for information and not your company directly. When they enter a keyword like “home for sale in the United States” in the Google search bar, they are finding information and not a real estate agent. The various sites would be analyzed if they provide an answer to a particular search which is made through their service. If it does, then you will be ranked for the first set of keywords and by so doing you will get more organic traffic with SEO, but if your site does not have a reasonable content it would not be ranked and would lead to failure.

Updates & Proofreading

There are many sites that have glaring mistakes in language, vocabulary or the use of the verb. Most of these sites have torn the English language apart and this makes visitors leave immediately. Many sites also have broken links which also make visitors not to visit such site again. And remember when visitors leave your site they would not come back again. This is the main reason why most sites fail and this can be prevented by looking for quality contents that are free from grammatical error, and ensure they are updated from time to time.

Too Many Banner Ads, Weird Colors, & Flashy Text

A website that looks just like one big sales pitch will fail because it will be too clumsy for the visitors to go through. People come across several ads on daily basis on TV and billboards, they also hear them on radio and when going to work. If your website does not focus on the service you render, then visitors would click away and this will result in the failure of the website.

Researching Keywords

A Keyword is very crucial because the search engine will use them to find your website. When you find the right keyword, it means you know the exact thing people are searching for and this will help you because it will be incorporated into your contents and people will use them to find your website. However without these keywords, a website will not show on the search engine result page, there will be no sales and a massive failure would set in.

Respond to Visitors in a Timely Manner

It is observed that most people do not respond to the inquiries made by clients. In some cases, if 5 emails are sent, you might get a reply for only one or two. Other replies might not come or come after a long period of time. This definitely kills a website because when most people choose a company they want to work with, they consider the response rate of the company. The point here is that the site must be very interactive and you must also respond to a client at a very fast rate so as to prevent the site from failing. If these are not done, it is certain that the site will soon have fewer visitors which will eventually lead to failure.

It is also important to go for a good design when designing a website so that it will result to a high rate of conversion and the site should be interactive so that customers would be able to take necessary actions easily. These are the major reasons why websites fail and should be addressed properly to prevent the failure of a website.